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Pho Thin


Pho was invented in the late 19th century in Northern Vietnam during the French colonization.
This beloved dish is a national pride—each region differs by noodle width, sweetness of broth, choice of herbs and sauces.
In Saigon, pho tends to be sweet than savory. Spices and larger portions are preferred. Condiments are placed at the table so diners could customize the soup to their preference.
In Hanoi, pho is all about the broth and is more savory than sweet. Hanoians tend to take a minimalist approach to the dish, achieving a deep and sweet flavor from the bone marrows that have been steeping for hours, the broth is clear and subtly spiced—a gastronomic experience that tastes delicate and refined.


Our family's history goes back to Hanoi where our fathers started selling "pho ganh" (a portable pho stall on poles) in 1955. It wasn't until 1976 that Mr. Thin, the older brother, opened his first store front name Pho Thin Bo Ho in Hanoi.
The end of the Vietnam War brought the reunion of two brothers separated by conflict for 20 years and the birth of Pho Thin in Saigon by Mr Ngo, the younger brother in 1981.


Tuan Vu, a second generation of Pho Thin Bo Ho, continues the family tradition in 2013, opening the first Pho Thin in United States, here in Salt Lake City, Utah.
As pho evolution continues due to migration of Vietnamese throughout the world, it is important for us to remember where pho came from and appreciate the people who make it.
We hope that your fondest memories of eating pho bring you back to Pho Thin SLC for years to come.